The United Architects of the Philippines Graduate Auxiliary's prime purpose is to promote the significance of the role of an Architecture Graduate in nation building and public service.


To ESTABLISH AND PROMOTE the highest standards, in preparation for professional excellence and ethical conduct for the practice and service of architecture; through strict adherence to the Architects National Cod; Code of Ethical Conduct (UAP Doc. 200); and Standards of Professiona Practice (SPP Docs. 201-209);

To ENCOURAGE ARCHITECTURE GRADUATES' interests to pursue in the preparation to the practice of architecture and assimilate them with desirable motivations an values by supporting all the UAPGA activities as deemed necessary;

To RENDER APPROPRIATE ASSISTANCE to any member partiularly through diversified experience, filing of licensure exam application, architecture reviews and other concerns related to the practice pf architectural profession;

To PARTICIPATE in matters concerning national and regional development of te country; and

To COOPERATE AND COORDINATE with international linkages in the field of architectyre, environmental design and other fields of arts, science and technology.

What do we do?

Through programs and events that will broaden their knowledge in variety of interest areas, UAPGA is committed to helping architecture gradates enance their careers as they make transition from being apprentice architects to full-fledged architects. A few of the events that make up the aim include forums, design competitions, and seminars and career orientation.

Organizational Chart

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